Be confident (Dress)

This was a very easy dress to sew and really fitting for warm summer days, and I must say that I really had to be confident with wearing it because the skirt is much shorter then I am used to wear.

The pattern is from Ellie & Mac, and the name of the pattern is of course “be confident”. I have used cotton jersey with soft colors. Usually I would not use beige colors because I am very pale but I really liked the print and the colors on it.

I think what I like the best with this dress is the skirt part. I like that it is shorter in the front and longer back, and it is quite similar to the look I am trying to design in my own collection too!

I do not have a good picture of how it looks like on the side of the skirt, but I have a better picture of it on another dress that I made by “hacking” and “mixing” Ellie & Mac patterns.

I will be posting about it later!

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