August update

This month I have been busy with getting back to sewing again as well as trying to take photos for the blog.

I have tried to avoid buying fabric this month because I do not have any more space in my sewing room for it and I want to try to use more of the fabrics I already have. However, I have bought some fabrics for the early autumn weather, which it seems like already have arrived here in Trondheim.

I did also finish a few orders and projects this month that I wanted to do before the summer ends.

I have bought a fun little thing that I hope will be a good investment for my upcoming sewing projects. I have seen many people using a “vinyl cutter machine” lately, and I would like to try it but it cost too much for me. I found a cheaper and a simpler version of a machine that can cut for me.

The big question is: Will it work with vinyl and other fabrics? I have tested it a little bit and it seems like it works, so I am excited to see what I will make with it!

I have been a little bit slow on blogging after my summer vacation and been more active on planning and sewing. I have sewn 25 pieces of clothes, that includes test and failed sewing projects, and 6 plushies!

I finally got some time to try out a few new plush patterns this month and I might try some more, but I am keeping those to myself until November and December. As I believe, it is the most fitting months to post about plushies and I know I will be making clothes for Christmas that I cannot share.

Next month I will try to focus more on sewing autumn themed clothes and to be a sewing course teacher every Thursday, this September.

This was the top posts of the month:

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