Mothers silver dress

I do not know how I decided to say yes to sew this dress, but I wanted to make something crazy and different from what I usually make, (might have been the sleepless night I had after the Covid infections that made me a little bit crazy) and my mom wanted something that no one have, as far as I know.

This dress is sewn with fabric I rarely work with, but I think the sleeves are foil fabrics (and that fabric was really fragile). The fabric on the rest of the dress might be jacquard or something similar to that, well it was synthetic fabric and it was horrible to sew as it did flake threads all over the sewing room and in my eyes. I also got a small skin irritation, so it is not something I would recommend for someone like me with sensitive skin to wear.

However it was a fun to make it, even if the look of the dress is a bit crazy and not quite my style, and also gave me eye and skin irritation.

Will I make it again? You really have to ask and pay me good for it!

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