September update

This month went fast and I almost feel like I did not do anything, but that is not true!

I finished 20 sewing projects this month. Once again, a few of the projects failed, a good amount of orders and some sewing for myself.

I arranged a sewing course over three days, were I was the teacher or course leader might be the right thing to say? This was a volunteer job that I had been asked to do and I was happy to accept it, as I have volunteered for being a course leader earlier. I am planning to see if I have time to write a little post about it before end of the year.

I did not focus much on shopping fabrics this month. I was busy with the sewing course, finishing orders and planning more stuff before Christmas arrives.

I shopped fabrics to prepare for cold days, as I wrote earlier the autumn came early this year and that reminded me that I need more sweaters, cardigans and good pants.

I also bought two new pattern books from Germany, and no, I do not really read German but I know a few words and the books has a lot of good pictures and patterns!

I also want to say sorry for not writing so much lately, mostly it is myself I am apologizing to, because I love sharing my ideas and thoughts with you but I have been too tired this month after doing more than I usually do.

October will also be a very busy month for me, but I will take some small breaks to get some time to blog. I have a few things that will be updated on this blog, so do not worry if the page is a little bit messy a day or two.

This was the top post of this month:

Now I have to go back to sewing, have a wonderful weekend my friends!

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