Continuing trying to make a jumpsuit

Another Burda easy jumpsuit, with a jacket from the same magazine.

This jumpsuit I tried to fix the upperpart to fit me better than the last time… Still, it did not work! So annoying!

My mother looks good in this one too, and she actually bought both jumpsuits.

I also decided to try to sew the peplum jacket without the peplum part, because I did not have enough fabrics for it. Therefore, it is more like a simple jacket. It was not the plan that the jacket was going to be a part of the jumpsuit but my mom loved it that way.

I rather want to give up making this jumpsuit because it did not really fit me that well… I had a plan of making a blouse to wear under the jumpsuit, but never really got that far because the fitting was not good enough. I believe I can adjust the pattern but right now, I want to enjoy sewing a bit more, than drawing and sketching new pattern parts.

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