October update

This month has been almost weird for me.

First I had to prepare for a beauty evening, where I would take the clothes and accessories to that evening to let people see what I have been working on and what kind of clothes I can make if they want to order. I also had a good amount of “test” clothes I have sewn a lot of since last autumn, which were possible to buy a little cheaper than usual.

I did not sell much, but I got some attention for my work and that is much needed to make me want to keep doing evenings, market etc.

I have been thinking a lot of establishing a small business for myself, but after doing some research, I found it a bit hard to do it right now. However, I want to try later when the things that I am making and selling, actually are earning and not losing. Maybe I will write a post about it later.

I have also worked with creating a FAQ. After getting many questions on this blog and real life, I had to create a FAQ to make it a bit easier to find answers. I do have to update it very soon as I have forgotten to add something very important.

The reason I have to update the FAQ is that I just lost a lot of money because someone cancelled a big order I had already bought the materials for… I usually do not buy materials before I have been paid but I decided to trust that it would be okay to get the materials ready (this month have been very stressful and I wanted to get all of the materials to finish orders before November ends). I have experienced this before, but that was a much smaller order which did not affect me that much, just annoying. This time I became very disappointed but I have learned that I have to make sure I get paid before ordering materials for the projects, and yes a bit of a trust issue development when it comes to special orders, but I will hopefully fix my FAQ to give everyone the right information for asking me about doing a sewing job.

Thanks for letting me rant about this cancellation of a big order, it was also stressful as it happened just four days before the Beauty event. At least I learned how to deal with such incidents and to handle my feelings for what I felt. I think this is something every person has to go through sometimes, some customers might not be happy with the product that you made or canceling orders, etc.

Well… I am going to show you the materials I bought and the first picture is the one from the big order, except the first fabric on the picture is for me.

The navy blue fabric with gold is going to be a dress for me, maybe for this year’s New Year’s Eve. The rest of the fabric I am not quite sure about yet… It is 9 meters of fabric which was supposed to “be used” on the big order, but I have started to plan what to do with it already. Maybe I can sell some of it after Christmas.

I also bought some more fabrics before the end of this month. I needed a little bit more of the blue fabric with gold decoration for the dress I am planning (I might make a reels or put it on story on Instagram when I am making it in December). I also bought a dark pink version for a top or something like that. Some stretch jeans fabric for pants and a luxury velvet that feels too nice to be true! So I have to buy more of it, and I had a plan of making a sweater or skirt of it but I am not sure yet!

I also bought a lot of Ellie & Mac patterns I have wanted to try and a few patterns from Forget-Me-Not-patterns. I hope to get time to test them after I have finished all of this year’s orders, because I will stop taking any special orders after the first week in November. The reason is that I need time to test new design and create something for myself and maybe a few Christmas gifts.

I also have to work a little bit more with being a model for what I make as I have not been seen so much this year as planned. Things might change suddenly, and sometimes more often than we are prepared for, and that is something I have noticed a lot this year.

I shall end this post with the top three posts of this month:


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