Trying to create my own jacket design

Something I have wanted to try this year is to create my own design by using basic patterns and books that I have read since last autumn.

It has taken me a long time to do it, as I needed to find a simple basic pattern that I could work with and dare doing too!

After I bought myself a tablet, I started to draw more sketches than I have done before, and suddenly I had drawn a few jacket sketches with interesting sleeves. Before I planned to make it, I had to think about what kind of fabric would be best to use, the sizing and when would this jacket be used for.

I decided that this jacket is very decorative and not a typical everyday wear, that is why I drew a simple dress under it but it could easily be worn with a simple pants and blouse without sleeves.

I used stretchy velvet fabrics for both jacket and dress. The dress is the favorite sweater pattern from Ellie & Mac. The jacket does has sleeve design inspired by one of the Ellie & Mac dress that I have already sewn before on another dress:

I wanted to make a stretchy jacket or bolero, not sure what to actually call it.

Anyway, it was fun to try to make “my own design” even if I had a lot of help by using books, a few basic pattern parts and inspiration from many pattern designers. I think originality is hard to create and therefore I rather would call it a mix of hack and own designs.

I am not sure if this jacket pattern is finished. I also feel like I have to try to make this jacket in different stretch materials to see how it works and I think it needs more work but now I am working on many other projects that I want to do before this year ends. Also a lot of work with pictures, planning for Christmas, etc.…

What do you think about the design?

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