November update

This month went by too fast for me, which means that I almost forgot to write this update… again!

I have also been lazy with writing posts this month because I have been working on a lot of Christmas gifts and decorations, and of course, the last sewing orders for this year.

I have sewn 18 clothes, 3 plushies and made good amount of Christmas decorations.

I have written many posts that I will share in the upcoming month and the next month (some of them are not fitting for the December “theme” that I have planned)

I have not been working as much as I had planned this month because I have been babysitting my family’s dog and house again. I also volunteered to make Christmas decorations for a little shop!

I have tried to avoid using a lot of money on sewing projects this month therefore I do not have many fabrics to show you this time.

I am not sure if I get the time to make anything from the fabrics I bought this month before the end of the year.

I had a plan of trying to empty my shelves, so I could have the pleasure of shopping new fabrics after New Year’s Eve, but it looks like I will not be able to do that. However, I can reduce it as much as possible by not shopping much before Christmas and to make something of the fabrics that are already clean and ready to be made into something.

I will try to post more blog posts this December. The reason being that since autumn started I have been a bit lazy and slow with posting anything on this blog, and I want to make up for that!

In this month top posts I chose to show you the autumn styles that I made this year, because I was very late with posting them, give them some love:

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