December update

I will be making this as a typical monthly update as usual, then I think I want to create another post were I go through a list of top posts from different categories!

This month has also gone super-fast… I do not understand how these last months has gone so fast.

I have been very busy with sewing gifts, getting orders finished before Christmas and something for myself too. I have also been trying new patterns in the Christmas break and I am looking forward to keep testing new patterns that I have bought this autumn!

I have sewn 21 (+ more) projects this month. Three of them were plushies, five or six were gifts for Christmas and some failed projects. I managed to make a few tops, tunics and a skirt for myself too.

I also decided not to buy a lot of fabric this month either, I only bought fabrics for patterns I wanted to use for testing patterns I bought last month and I wanted to test different kinds of jersey fabrics.

I bought jacquard (a little bit stretch in it), waffle jersey, cord jersey, ottoman jersey & luxury velvet. I have not tried three of those fabrics, waffle-, cord- and ottoman jersey.

I have already used half of the fabrics I bought, but I do have a plan of “cleaning” my fabric shelf by using all the fabrics that are left. I was a bit optimistic to think that I could empty those shelves by the end of 2022. I started thinking that in the start of December… Well it did not work out, but I have been planning what to do with the fabrics that has been there excessively long and what to do with the “big left overs”.

Therefore, I will try doing my best in January to get rid of all the fabrics, so I can have a “new” start with shopping fabrics that I think will be more fitting for my future sewing projects. In addition, I am a bit tired of having so much fabric that I have bought because I thought it was pretty but I did not have a good plan for it!

Wish me good luck with that task in January. I am planning to make a “series” of posts about me getting rid of big left overs fabrics that I have kept in my shelves for a while…

I have been posting many posts this month and I hope you all have enjoyed it and had fun with reading about what I have created this autumn. Next month I am going to focus more on sewing and planning a new sewing course that I will have at the end of January to February. Therefore I might go a little bit silent again, but I will of course be back again with many posts about clothes I have sewn recently, and that is at least about ten projects and I am already sewing new tops, tunics and dresses that I really want to show you.

I will end this post by wishing you a happy new year and these were the top three post this month:

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