January 2023

Starting this year with a long boring month for me…

What has made this month so boring for me? Well, I have not done much sewing or anything in my sewing room since before Christmas. I have only sewn nine projects this month and now you might think that is much, but for me it is little as I do have plenty of time to do sewing projects.

I have also tried to find new patterns to try and tried to sketch a few need ideas for spring wardrobe looks.

I did also volunteer to be one of the course leaders/helper for a sewing workshop, were we repair clothes, redesign and also make it possible to sew with new materials aswell. I had planned to have sewing course in how to sew skirts, as a some people who asked me in September if that could be the next sewing course, but they did also ask if we could arrange a redesign course. For me personally I decided that you do not need to have a course in redesign, but a workshop where we can share ideas, get help to finish your project, etc.

I might write a separate post for it later as soon as the workshop is finished in the first week of February.

Other things that has been very slow and boring this month is blogging. I have not at all been inspired to write, as I do not have any pictures of finished products. I think I have over 20 pieces of clothes that I do not have pictures of yet, but I am working on it. One of the reasons I have not taken any pictures yet is because of bad weather, bad indoor lights and not enough people to help me.

This month I decided to focus on using the gift cards I got from Christmas to save some money. However, I always get a bit unsure of what to buy when I have certain amount of money on each gift card.

The first fabric shop I went to was Abbys tekstiler, in this shop I decided to buy things I wanted last autumn, but I did not have the time or money to buy. Unfortunately they did not have enough fabric left of the one with the prints on but I do have a plan for what to make of it.

Then I went to Selfmade (aka stoff og stil) to shop but I did have a bit of trouble of getting inspired or finding the fabrics I planned to buy. However I found some nice sweater fabrics, and something I usually say to people is that I need more sweaters! I hope that I have good patterns that fits the fabric and me of course.

I do have a plan of shopping fabrics for clothes I need and some fabrics for new tops and blouses that I really want to try. 

Now I hope I can start the month in February with finishing the projects I have prepared for January and to sew the sweaters that I desperately need.

The top three post in this month was:

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