Purple lace dress

When I bought few meters of purple laces, I was sure that I wanted to create a very creative and unique dress for myself.

I did sew this dress in September/October. My thoughts was to create this dress before Christmas and be a part of the dresses I wanted to use this Christmas…

However, when I was invited to a Halloween party, I decided to use this dress and added fairy wings to create a costume.

I do not have picture of that, and to be honest I would like to not wear those wings again anytime soon. It took days to remove the glitter from our apartment and I am sure it did not disappear before December when I had a big Christmas cleaning.

I used the “Be confident” pattern from Ellie & Mac, with puff sleeves from one of their other patterns. The fabric underneath the lace is cotton jersey, with the color “terracotta”. I wanted a little bit more “flashy” color mix, because when I started design and craft school, I always used purple and orange as my typical “colors” in design. Therefore, I wanted to do it again but this time on a dress.

I have not used this dress since the Halloween party, and I am not sure if I am going to do it again as it was a little bit uncomfortable for me and not quite my style.

After I made this dress, I sketched some different dresses with similar style like this one. I have also sewn some of them now, and I am planning to create more dresses and I hope it will be dresses that I wear more than once.

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