Purple butterfly with 9k gold brass

I have been making more jewelry again since Autumn 2022. It was my way of taking a little break from sewing. In addition, it is a long time since I took time to research for beads and charms. I found a Norwegian bead shop and I absolutely fell in love with their products and gave me many new ideas for jewelry. 

I found this beautiful butterfly charm in purple, pink and “clear” colors. I bought all colors to try to make simple but elegant necklaces.

I chose to keep a purple one for myself.

I created most of the necklaces in a typical metal chain but when I was looking for more metal chains on Panduro.com, I found brass plated with 9-carat gold and lock chain with sterling silver plated with 9-carat gold.

It took about a week or two before I decided to try to work with brass and lock chain plated with gold.

It was an interesting thing to try, as I have always wanted to try working with “real” gold and silver instead of metal. I was a little bit scared to ruin the gold brass, as it was very thin.

My opinion on the product is that the plated gold materials was too small and very fragile looking but I want to try to wear it first, I hope the rings I used will not break. The rings I used to attach the butterfly to the brass and the lock chain was very weak and did “fall off” when I attached the lock chain the first time.

Wearing the butterfly necklace with this fancy lace dress

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