Pink glass mushroom with 9k gold brass

This is another necklace, were I am trying to use another type of gold brass plated with 9 carat, which I bought on

This time it is a cute little glass mushroom in pink that is the charm on the gold necklace.

I have used metal decoration and bead pins (not sure what it is called in English), because I did not want to use much more money on buying more sterling silver plated with 9k, etc. because I wanted to test if the chains was worth the price.

I do have some reaction on my skin from using some of the jewelry that I make, so I am hoping I maybe found a solution to create simple necklaces for myself by using sterling silver and plated 9k gold materials.

Just want to add that most of my jewelry are nickel free but I am not sure if my skin is just very sensitive or if I can not handle other materials at all.

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